Capacity Development for Healthcare Professionals

Our trainings are specially developed for Healthcare Organizations and Professionals, interested in developing their Capacity and acquiring various management skills.

Our Trainings help Healthcare Professionals improve their Efficiency and Effectiveness in Healthcare Service Delivery.

Our interactive Trainings with relevant Healthcare Case Studies are highlighted below

Project Management Training For Healthcare Professionals

Our Project Management Training classes are the only classes designed exclusively for Healthcare Professionals.

Our case studies and classroom role-play are designed based on Healthcare Industry, to empower them deploy these skills and knowledge in the Healthcare Industry.

A project includes the very complex from running a Nationwide Immunization Project to a simple Process improvement project like Hospital Contact Time Improvement.

 Project Management also help focus on Quality Initiatives and drivers of Quality in Healthcare including timely access to care, reduction of access fees and requisite knowledge in appropriate management of Human and non human resources, thereby reducing wastage and improving Efficiencies across the Industry.

The focus of Project Management is on customer satisfaction within the constraints of cost, time and scope and quality of work to be done.

Project Management reduces waste as it focuses only on work that needs to be done and reorganization of resources to the most important tasks. Participants will also satisfy Eligibility, requirements for Project Management Institute (PMI)’s PMP and CAPM examinations, with our Trainings.



Certified Healthcare Manager (CHM) certification

Designed for Hospital Clinical and Non-Clinical Support Staff to perform their jobs effectively and improve their decision making abilities in rendering superior service to Hospital customers.

Training Objective is empowering your employees, ensuring they are not only employed for their jobs, but also for the innovative ideas they use to render superior services and be problem solvers at their jobs.

This training will enable your staff learn to;
  • Focus on customer satisfaction and Loyalty
  • Reduce Waste
  • Reduce Waiting time
  • Innovate in Healthcare
  • Perform Continuous Process Improvement
Course Outline;
  • Workflow and Quality
  • Project Management
  • Types of waste and Avoidance
  • Innovation and Change
  • Teamwork

    Patient Safety Training

    Our 2-day training is based on Team Strategies to Enhance Performance and Patient Safety (TeamSTEPPS)

    TeamSTEPPS is a Patient Safety Initiative was developed by the Department of Defence Patient Safety Program, in collaboration with the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) for American Hospitals

    TeamSTEPPS is an evidence-based comprehensive teamwork training system that is rooted in over three decades of research in high-stress, high-risk industries, such as military aviation.

    The course is delivered using a Train-the- Trainer model, resulting in instructors who in turn train and coach other Staff in targeted work units.

    Main Objective is Building a core of Patient Safety Advocates for your Hospitals, with the requisite skills, knowledge and behaviour change strategies to ensure Patient Safety Culture in your.


    Care Coordination Training

    Our 2-day Care Coordination Training will develop Healthcare Managers that can manage Care network efficiently and effectively.

    They are trained to evaluate Patient's needs and determine appropriate services with available funding sources and monitoring care provided over an extended period of time.

    Course Outline includes evaluation of Patient Outcomes, Connection to Services, Service Utilization and Cost of Service.

    They are also trained to assess Patient Satisfaction and provide appropriate, comprehensive, and coordinated response to Patient's needs.

    Care Coordination should focus on prevention as well as rehabilitation and Health maintenance

    Main Objective: Developing Care Managers that add value to Healthcare Organizations and lead Quality Improvement Initiatives in the Care Network


    Performance Management Training for Healthcare Managers

    Our interactive Performance Management Training Workshop is tailored for your Managers and Team Leaders.

    Your Healthcare Managers will learn how to develop Performance Goals for Healthcare Teams and Units, chart directions for meeting the Goals, and the use of different Performance Management Methodologies.

    Your Team Leaders will learn how to actualise and evaluate Progress made in Strategic Goals like; Customer Goals, Business Goals, Staff Development Goals, Technology Goals, Culture Goals and Process Goals

    Your Managers will also learn to design and manage Formal Performance Appraisal of Staff, based on previously identified Performance Targets.

    Main Objective of Performance Management Training is developing Healthcare Managers with Skills and Knowledge to improve Performance of Healthcare Staff and Organizational Performance.


    Healthcare Quality Manager Course (HQM)

    HQM is 4 day training for Quality Managers, Process Improvement Managers and Risk Managers providing them with quality tools and knowledge of Quality Management and Process Improvement according to International Standards.

    Hospital Quality managers will also be able to monitor and advise on the performance of the quality management system and produces data and report on performance, measuring against set indicators.

    Objective: We intend to develop a cadre of Healthcare Managers that can drive Quality Change and utilize Quality Management Tools.

    Quality Managers must possess Innovation, Change Management and Continuous Process Improvement skills and knowledge which they will utilize to improve Quality in your Organization.

    Our training equip Managers with necessary Quality Tools and Knowledge to improve quality of Healthcare Service in their Organizations.

    The Training also enable Healthcare Managers develop necessary metrics to drive outcomes in the Hospital Environment.


    Change Management Training for Healthcare Professionals

    Change Management is the influencing of Individual Behaviour and Organizational Culture to manage reaction to Change.

    Change Management ensures knowledge and skills acquired by Employees is utilized to improve your Organization and prevent reversal to previous state.

    Your Managers and Team Leaders will become skilled in influencing Employee Behaviour towards achievement of your Organization’s Strategic Goals and them in facilitating early adoption of New Processes.

    Main Objective is ensuring a Positive Return on Investment (ROI) on Staff Capacity Development, by developing your Managers to manage the Change Process and ensure utilization of Learned Skills and Knowledge.


    Financial Management Training for Healthcare Professionals

    The Strengthening Health Outcomes Through Private Sector (SHOPS) Training is designed by USAID for Healthcare Professionals, towards improving the Financial Health of Healthcare Organizations.

    It is a 2-day hands-on Financial Management training designed for Healthcare Professionals with no prior knowledge of Financial Knowledge and Skills necessary in managing Healthcare Business.

    Healthcare Professionals will learn how to use Financial Management as a Tool to monitor Private Practice and Conduct Breakeven Analysis to Calculate Profitability of their New Services

    Main Objective is developing Medical Managers in Financial Management Skills, for better management of their Financial Resources, ensure growth of their Practice.


    Customer Service Professional (CSP) Training

    CSP is specially tailored 2-day Training for all Healthcare Staff that combines Customer Service Training with Process and Workflow Improvement Tools.

    CSP equips your front-end Healthcare staff with Behaviour Modification Skills like Attitude, Communication and Relationship-Building and Process and Workflow Improvement Tools

    CSP combines Soft Skills with Measurable Skills and Knowledge and empowers your Staff to develop innovative ideas in delivering Superior Quality Service .

    Main Objective of the CSP Training is to develop a core of empowered Staff that can use Process Improvement Tools and Customer Service Skills to increase your Customer Value, thereby generating continued Patronage your Organization


    Healthcare Organization Development Training

    Healthcare Organization Development Training help Healthcare Organizations develop appropriate Organization Culture for Excellent Service Delivery.

    The Training includes Team Development and Management

    In addition to training your Staff on Organizational Development and Team Management Strategies, we diagnose your Organization with targeted Tools, using your Organization as Case Study.

    We assess your Organizational Parameters and teach your Staff on how to improve your Culture

    Main Objective of the Healthcare Organization Development Training is to develop Organizational Culture that will align your Vision with Staff Outcomes.

Business Development Services for Hospitals


Aesculapius provides a holistic Business Development Services to help Hospitals find new ways of engaging and satisfying their customers, while gaining new customers.

Our Focus is helping Hospitals develop their Business and acquire more Patients by rendering ‘out of the world’ service to their customers.

5 key components of the Hospital Business Development Services include:

  • Hospital Business Planning and Improvement
  • Process Improvement and Waste Reduction
  • Staff Training and Development
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Hospital Branding

Hospital Business Planning and Improvement

Hospital Improvement Services also include Business Planning, Profit Evaluation and Financial Management for Hospitals.

 We identify Strategies for increasing the profit margin of the Hospital. We advise hospitals on projects that impact their bottom-line, evaluate Justification and Need for such projects and Implementation of such projects.

 We have management accountants in our firm that are USAID Certified Consultants with focus on Healthcare Financial Management.

They are ready to assess the ‘financials’ of your Hospital and identify the cost structure of your center and identify sources of profit leaks for your hospital, once you invite us.


Process Improvement and Waste Reduction

Process Improvement and Waste reduction Advisory for Healthcare centers.

All work activities in the Hospital are evaluated and we proffer advice on how the hospital can perform work better, faster and cheaper.

Hospital Improvement Strategies is based on the Lean Six Sigma and Project Management Methodologies of the American Society of Quality and Project Management Institute.

Lean Six Sigma is a Business Process Management Methodology and a step by step approach of reducing variation in every process of the organization in order to satisfy the customer and impact the bottom-line of the Hospital, while Quality of service delivery is also assured with project management as the focus is to satisfy the customer.

We also train your staff in Process Improvement and equip them with necessary tools. Hospital Improvement service deploys Process Improvement projects of paramount importance to the hospital management-we walk your staff through these projects and empower them by providing relevant quality tools and resources for subsequent improvement efforts.

Staff Training and Development

We believe your staff should not only be hired for the jobs they do but also for new and innovative ideas to contribute to improve your business.

Workers should be empowered to perform at their best; this is ensured by training your staff in relevant skills and knowledge.

Aesculapius trainings are hands-on, practical and are made applicable to your Hospital with necessary case studies.

Participants are empowered to share their newly acquired knowledge and experience with other members of Staff.

Other Trainings in Hospital Business Development include:

  • Aesculapius Certified Healthcare Manager
  • USAID SHOPs Managing a Healthy Business


Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

From our process evaluation we advise hospitals on Information Technology (IT) systems suitable for their centers.

 Our ICT strategy is based on creating as much paperless and cashless environment as possible with its attendant savings in costs.

We help identify Hospital Information Software(HIS) software that will manage cumbersome processes with different Customers and Suppliers, including HMOs on the same platform with easier tracking of information and funds from different sources.

HIS will also help create more understandable processes especially for the Hospital staff with better Results and Improved Quality of Service.

Hospital Management Software also help Hospitals with;
  • Easier monitoring of outflow of funds, drugs and other consumables.
  • Automated patient scheduling and appointment.
  • Electronic Health records
  • Automated Drugs ordering and Bill Resolution with different Drug Companies
  • Access to your Patient’s Information is secured, real time and can be viewed on configured hand held mobile devices
  • Human interface with our IT system is user friendly and easily understood
  • E-cash Payment Systems
Aesculapius can also digitally store all your old case files, which helps with easy Subsequent Retrieval and Research Projects

Hospital Branding

The branding service involves identifying the best of your system, the vision of your Organization, and developing Strategies to be the best amongst your Competitors.

Branding help communicate the essence of your Hospital and we direct this towards Customer retention, and being the first and only hospital your customers consider.

We help develop your Hospital brand with better recognition of your Hospital amongst the General Populace with the best Social Media strategy possible.

A well formulated brand strategy leads to more patient traffic for you and more profit for your hospital. Quality service is important to ensure this esteemed state.

Engage Aesculapius today to improve the profile of your Hospital, with our strategic alliance with experienced brand managers we are poised to take your hospital to the next level.

Management Advisory for Hospitals


Management Advisory for Hospitals consist of Managed Hospital Partnership and Outsourced Hospital Management.

We design Partnerships for Healthcare Professionals, Individuals and Organizations, interested in pooling their Skills, Resources in Management of a Health Organization and share in the Profits.

We also provide Outsourced Hospital Management Services for Hospital Owners managing their Hospitals and Clinics, for more effective and efficient Business Operations that results in Improved Bottom-line of the Hospital. Improved Bottom-line is highly dependent on Innovation with service bundles, customer engagement and service outcomes with exceptional patient care and outstanding practice performance.

We provide more efficient resource utilization, thereby reducing costs and increasing revenue, our duties include:
  • Manage the Day-To-Day Operations Of The Hospital,
  • Efficient management of the Hospital Resources
  • Develop the Capacity of Hospital Staff for Improved Service Delivery
  • Develop New Service Offerings and Bring In Needed Specialists
  • Retool the Organizational Structure of the Hospital for Efficient Operations

Quality Audit for Hospitals

doc6 We are accredited auditors with the HQM (Hospital Quality Manager), which was developed by BestRatedHospitals Inc. to improve and sustain Service Quality in Hospitals.

 We perform Quality Audits for Hospitals and benchmark their processes and results against the best centers in the World with the HQM Audit Tool.

 HQM was designed to improve the Quality of service delivery in Hospitals, both Government Owned and Private Hospitals by focusing on;
  • Patient Satisfaction Parameters
  • Benchmarking against the best centers in the world.
  • Goals and Objectives Assessment
  • Facility Improvement
  • People Development
  • Operational and Care Processes
  • Service Outcomes
  • Patient Perspectives
The HQM Audit is conducted bi-annually with production of HQM Audit Scores for the Hospitals;
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Use of IT
  • Patient Satisfaction Surveys
  • Clinical Staff- experience, focus, suitability compared to environment.
  • Management Staff
  • Administration
Advantages of HQM Audit Tool
  • The HQM Audit Tool is based on numerous international quality standards like the Malcolm Baldrige Quality Criteria, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) Indicators, JCI thereby driving the Healthcare systems to international standards
  • Patients may use the HQM Audit Scores to choose their healthcare providers.
  • They may also use the HQM Audit Tool to determine improvements made by their healthcare delivery centers, this ensures informed decision making by the end users of these services.
  • Corporate Organizations can use the HQM Audit Tool to determine healthcare facilities for their employees.
  • Government can use HQM Audit Tool to determine healthcare gains of its health policies and funding.
  • Government may even based funding of its Healthcare Centers on results and scores achieved on the HQM Audit Tool.

Occupational Health and Health Promotion Services for Corporate Organizations


We provide an integrated occupational and hygiene service that supports both the employer and the employee.

We help Organizations eliminate, control and minimize health risks and hazards.

We help Organizations identify and control occupational diseases at an early stage and establish a baseline to measure subsequent changes in health status of employees.

We also help Organizations design and develop regular medical surveillance programs for early identification of occupational diseases.

Our Services also include the Set-up and Management of Clinics for Corporate Organizations.

We also provide Health Promotion Trainings for Individuals and Organizations in Lifestyle Modifying Diseases and Stress Management.

Stress and Lifestyle Modifying Diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension, Ischemic Heart Disease, Heart Failure, and Stroke are increasing amongst the White Collar Workers.

These diseases are influenced by our lifestyle and Behavior in terms of feeding habits, working and living condition and they are the 10 commonest causes of death locally and globally.

Stress cannot be avoided due to actions and deliverables of our everyday life, it can be managed and its effects almost reduced to minimal.

Organizations face the challenge of balancing Productiveness with causing Stress for their Staff and how to ensure Maximum Output from your Employees without harming them.

Health Insurance (HMO) Advisory for Corporate Organizations


Health Insurance has become the preferred method of Payment for both Professionals and Corporate Organizations in financing their Healthcare needs.

This Payment is usually through Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), which has made the HMOs a key stakeholder in the Healthcare Industry.

Organizations require highly technical Health Insurance Skills and Knowledge in acquiring HMO Services

The HMO Advidory Service is handled by experienced Medical Professionals in Aesculapius with many years of hands-on Experience

The advantages of Health Insurance include;

  • Constant access to Healthcare as needed
  • Cheaper than Over-the-Counter cash payments
  • High Quality of Health Service Delivery- depending on the HMO
  • Part of Motivation package for Employees

Aesculapius helps Organizations determine the best health insurance cover for their staff, using the demographics like Age, Sex, type of work and specific health needs of the staff and presumed medical needs based on generally accepted probabilities in Healthcare.

We also help Organizations engage HMOs, evaluate Health Plans and provide other Outsourced Health Insurance Services.

We help individuals determine the best health plans for their family, providing adequate health cover that would have less impact in their hard-earned monthly salaries.

Managed Care Services for Health Insurance Organizations (HMOs and Corporate Organizations)


We provide Managed Care Services for HMOs and Corporate Organizations that require actionable information to provide better service to their registered Enrollees.

Such Managed Care Services also reduce unnecessary health care costs through different Strategies including:

  • Case Management
  • Service Provider Credentialling and Contracting.
  • Managed Care Processes Design and Improvement.
  • Utilization Review
  • Billing and Accounts Review
  • Establishment and Monitoring of Cost-sharing Mechanisms
  • Review of Inpatient Admissions
  • Enrollee Registration and Management including production of enrollee identification cards

Managed Care Services help improve Quality of Care to Enrollees and also achieve significant cost savings for HMOs and Corporate Organizations.