3PCL™-Complete Solutions for Better Results in Organizations focusing on People and Processes.


3PCL™ is the flagship Service Bundle of AVN Consulting, designed for Service Companies and Production Companies.Holistic and Cost Effective Solutions for Organizations to achieve more out of their People and Processes.

3PCL™ achieves a Perfect Alignment between the Organization, its People, Processes and its Customers.

5 key components of 3PCL™; Project Management, Problem Solving Tools for Managers, Process Advisory, Change Management and Lean Six Sigma

Project Management



Project Management is Optimization of Resources for Execution of Organizational Goals and Objectives.


Most Projects in Nigeria fail, due to Delays beyond Scheduled Dates, Budget Overruns or not satisfying the Customer. Project Management help resolve Unfulfilled Customer Needs, Service Delays Increasing Customer complaints and Dwindling Customer Base.


Organizational Gains of Project Management include: early achievement of Goals and Objectives, clear determination of success parameters for Projects, learning causes of failure in Projects and preventing such failures.


Adopting World-class Project Management Standards improves your Organizational Culture into a more Goal-oriented Culture.


Project Management Certifications AVN Consulting Project Management Training is designed for highly motivated professionals, who desire to be relevant in the 21st century work environment such as healthcare professionals, bankers, engineers, consultants, sales and marketing personnel, advertising executives and many more.


We help Individuals acquire World-class Project Management expertise and knowledge. We also help Organizations deploy Project Management Methodologies in their organization, by training their Managers.


Certifying your Employees ensure Retention of acquired Skills and Knowledge in your Organization, with access to Global Network of Project Managers, sharing Ideas and Resources.


Participants will acquire skills and knowledge to effectively manage resources- both human and material, cost and time.

They will also acquire skills to become more effective and efficient in their jobs i.e. decision making skills, task evaluation skills, requirement analysis and quality assurance skills.

Project Management Certifications are awarded by Project Management Institute (PMI) They include:

Project Management Certification Trainings;

 Project Management Professional (PMP)

  • PMP Certification is for experienced Managers, with a minimum of 3 year work experience.
  • The training is designed to satisfy the Project Management Institute (PMI) 35 hour classroom training to achieve the global PMP certification.
  • The training is provided both onsite and offsite.
  • We hold our offsite training every month depending on location in Nigeria.

Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM).

  • CAPM is for less experienced individuals that desire to know more about Project Management methodologies.
  • Fresh graduates would acquire valuable skills of project management including cost evaluation, risk evaluation, quality management, communication skills and time management skills.
  • Interested candidates with applicable work experience, but are not university graduates are also eligible for the CAPM certificate
  • CAPM certified associate are usually project team members who help deliver the project within budget and on time.
  • Our training provides the requisite 22 contact hours for eligibility for the examination.
  • CAPM certified professionals can subsequently sit for the PMP certificate examination.

Project Management Office

Organizations develop Enterprise Project Management by deploying Project Management Office (PMO). PMO is an Organizational Entity that drives achievement of Strategic Goals of the Organization. It enables Chief Executives to monitor and track all Projects in the Organization, thereby reducing Costs and improving Resource Utilization.

 Benefits of a PMO

  • Implements Formal Project Management Processes, Standards and Disciplines across the Organization.
  • Ensures that all project managers have a core set of project management skills, common processes and templates.
  • Enables the Workforce deliver their work initiatives on time, within budget and to an agreed upon level of Quality.
  • Increases Resource Utilization helping to balance the workload of Project Managers and project team members across all projects.

Problem Solving Tools for Managers (PSTM™))

PSTM Business Managers are often too distracted or ill equipped to effectively resolve Business Challenges they face daily, with unresolved issues resulting in customer dissatisfaction and Complaints.

 Business Managers and Team Leaders need Management and Planning Tools to resolve these Challenges and provide effective Issue resolution.

PSTM™ is a collection of Quality Tools, Process Improvement Tools and Planning Tools for Problem Resolution and Achievement of Strategic Goals.

PSTM™ Equip Your Managers with Strategic and Planning ability to Identify Challenges, Respond to New Situations and Develop Improvement Goals for Your Organization.

 PSTM™ Tools are used to scope and choose Necessary Projects, Design new Products and Processes, Improve current Processes, Decrease downtime and Improve Customer Response Time.

 Enroll your Managers for Problem Solving Tools for Managers (PSTM™) classes today.

Process Advisory


processmgt Processes are the collection of activities through which the work of the organization is done.
Service Failures, Wastage, Inefficiencies and Customer Complaints usually occur from Process Failures.

 Our Process Advisory identifies Process Failures in your Operations and design new, efficient Processes for your Organization.

 We help re-engineer your Business Processes to be efficient and robust with the ability to respond to new and strange situations, focusing on Customer Satisfaction.

Our Advisory is based on Lean Six Sigma and Project Management methodologies which correctly profiles your Processes and proffer robust Solutions.

We will also develop Process Performance Metrics for your Organization, with which you can drive your Organization to achieve World-class Customer Satisfaction goals.

Our team meets with your team to identify process gaps, duplications and disconnects. We help make your processes lean and mean with the ability to respond to new and strange situations.

Our work is based on Lean Six Sigma and Project Management methodologies.

Some of our tools include SIPOC, Flowcharts, Spaghetti Diagrams, Value Stream Analysis, Theory of Constraints (TOC) and Pareto Charts which help us correctly profile your processes and proffer robust solutions to your process.

Let Us help Proffer Solutions to Your Business Process Challenges

Change Management

changemgt Change Management is managing the changes that are part of or a consequence of Organizational Strategy.

 It explores emotions and fears associated with changes in the workplace.

Change Management is a process that recognizes the natural resistance and uncertainty of those to be affected by the change, and provides tools and knowledge needed to move such resistance to support.

Change is a constant that organizations must embark harness to achieve the strategic objectives outlined by the Management.

Organizations must ensure Resources expended on Employee Capacity Development yield maximum Returns and Employees do not revert to previous states after Development efforts.

Managers and Team Leaders in Organizations must be skilled in influencing Employee Behavior towards achievement of the Organization’s Strategic Goals, by ensuring knowledge and skills acquired by Employees is utilized.

Employee Capacity Development with no improvement in results, results in the newly acquired skills and knowledge are not being utilized.

Change Management should be deployed to maximize Return on Investment (ROI) on Staff Training and Capacity Development.

 Change Management influences Organizational Culture and Behavior and prevents reversal to previous Behavior by influencing and directing different reactions to Change.

 Change Management help resolve resistance to new technology and new ways of performing work in the Organization thereby ensuring the long term success of such improvements Change Management is necessary for all Improvement Projects in your Organization and will help ensure buy-in of the company’s employees long before the conclusion of the project.

The change agent should also learn how to cement changes to prevent reversal to previous state.

 Change could arise as a result of;
  • Strategy
  • Technology
  • Structure
  • Culture
  • Systems
  • Product/Service
  • Behavior/Attitude
Benefits of Change Management
  • Facilitates the adoption of the new processes in support of the Strategic and Business objectives.
  • Provides the Quality team with the knowledge and tools necessary to maximise the benefits of your Quality transformation
  • Assists in gaining lasting and Sustainable Change
  • Reduces Resistance to change and associated Costs of such resistance
  • Shortens the Project Cycle Time resulting from Resistance to Change
  • Increases the Probability of Successful Change
  • Decreases the cost of Subsequent Changes
  • Your Managers acquire necessary skills, knowledge and methodologies of Change Management and Human Behavior knowledge necessary for the Success of your Organization
We aim to develop Team Leaders and Managers in your Organization to better lead your Employees and channel their energy in executing the Strategic Goals of your Organization.

Our training is based on internationally accepted and proven Change Management theories and Methodologies like Kotter’s 8 steps and the Prosci ADKAR methodology.

Develop Effective Managers and more Returns from your Investment on Staff Development by attending our Change Management Classes.

Lean Six Sigma

leansixsigma Six Sigma Consulting We help Organizations deploy Lean Six Sigma Methodology using the DMAIC process steps.

 We train your staff and empower your Staff on principles and knowledge of Six Sigma, thereby making them the drivers of Six Sigma change within the organization.

Six Sigma enables organizations approach perfection and ensures that defects and errors do not arise in the first place.

 Six Sigma is different from other quality improvement methodologies in that it supports improvement in quality and customer satisfaction only as a means of improving the bottom-line of the organization.

Business Goals of the organization are defined, with Employee performance metrics tied to these goals. Your Organization can develop this World-class Workplace Operational Standards by engaging us.

 We are American Society of Quality (ASQ) certified Lean Six Sigma Consultants. Engage with Us Today for starting Lean Six Sigma Journey in your Organization.

Lean Six Sigma Trainings:

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Our training is action-learning and goal oriented Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training develop leaders on managing Six Sigma projects.

 Our training is contextual with appropriate case studies during training.

A Certified Six Sigma Black Belt is a professional who applies Six Sigma philosophies and principles, including supporting systems and tools in a variety of business situations and demonstrates team leadership and manages team dynamics in all aspects of DMAIC model.

Black Belts are Managers who have led substantial improvements in the organization and have actively used Six Sigma tools like SIPOC, QFD, Process flowchart, Fishbone, Value Stream Maps and DOE are eligible for the Black Belt Certification examination He must also have managed 2 projects that have produced meaningful results for the organization i.e. saved costs of more than $100,000 or he should have managed projects that led to substantial improvement in the Organization i.e. > 50% improvement in metrics.

 A Black Belt must demonstrate appropriate use of tools and skills for each step of the DMAIC methodology and also show Leadership and analytical skills in managing these projects.

 These projects are submitted to ASQ and are reviewed before being approved to sit for the Black Belt Certification Examination.

 Corporate Organizations will build a core of employees knowledgeable and skilled in Six Sigma Methodology with our Trainings. Our training is highly flexible to suit the peculiarities of your Organization.


Six Sigma Green Belt Training

Green Belts are supporting members of the Six Sigma Project team and are usually process leaders within the Organization.

Green Belts in Six Sigma work part-time on Six Sigma projects; they assist the Black Belt in Improvement Projects and are knowledgeable in the use of statistical tools.

They focus on analyzing and solving quality problems, driving quality improvements and supporting those who have Six Sigma Black Belt certifications.

 They collect data, analyze it, and prepare it for supervising Black Belts.

Six Sigma Green Belts are in charge of basic specific tools that allow them to effectively improve company processes.

 The Green Belt certification gives an employee a working knowledge of Six Sigma principles and teaches a Green Belt how to lead company projects with non-certified members.

To obtain the Six Sigma Green Belt, individuals must possess proficient team building and project management skills in order to successfully execute Six Sigma projects.

Six Sigma Green Belt professionals need at least three years of work experience demonstrating knowledge of Six Sigma tools and processes and need to pass ASQ’s CSSGB (Certified Six Sigma Green Belt) examination.

 Professionals need to participate in a comprehensive Six Sigma Green Belt training program like ours to adequately prepare for the certification examination. The certification examination is 4 hours long and consists of 100 questions.